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Retail & Wholesale Fruit Imports/Exports

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A Leading Importer/Exporter


Perusa Cargo LLC, Import/Export, offers many fruit varieties from around the world, allowing consumers to purchase fruits 12 months a year with 12+ YEARS IMPORTING NEARLY 100 PRODUCTS.

PERUSA Cargo provides unique Importing/Exporting customer focused service with 24/7 response, along with a deep knowledge in the fruit business. We are focused on Avocados, Limes, Pineapples, Yucas and Mangos. Our revolutionary tools handle all the calculations for duties and taxes, so you can focus on things that won’t give you a headache. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand the regulations for their specific product and why they are required. We pride ourselves on finding simple solutions to complex projects, achieving a durable reduction in transport costs and delivery times, helping you become more competitive within the global market.

Our comprehensive service and logistic department ensure that the voyage from our grower’s backyards to our customer’s shelf is a safe one, with the fruit looking as fresh and undamaged as it did when it was harvested.

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