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We Open Doors Leading

to Your Greatest Returns

PERUSA adds the "wow factor" to all

its provided products & services.


Your Key to Quality Services


When it comes to our life cycle processes, every step is professional and reliable state-of-the-art services that include:

PERUSA Cargo / Fruit Imports/Exports

PERUSA Taxes / Bookkeeping / Accounting
PERUSA Contractors / Remodeling / Renovations
PERUSA Citizenship / Immigration / Translation

Through listening to our customers, having a keen eye for detail, and always going above and beyond what is expected of us, we take pride in everything we do, and our reputation within each industry reflects just that. 


PERUSA Imported/Exported products or Tax, Renovation or Citizenship services are all provided and performed with top notch professionalism. When our clients give us nothing but a desired mission, we believe in maintaining a start-to-end consistency in all product and service deliveries, which is why all our hard WORK is highly acclaimed.

Owner's M. Arturo Joo & Jeannine B. Joo

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