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Why Work With PERUSA

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Because of Our Depth of Services

and 12+ Years of Experience

Exceptional Taxes, Contractors, Importing & Immigration Services.




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CARGO Retail/Wholesale

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CITIZENSHIP Immigration+

PERUSA has the patience and flexibility to work with all your changing needs. 

Our goal is to help you yield your highest gains - and we know just how you can do It. 

Our Unique Servicing

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Full Service is Our Specialty

We set ourselves above all of our competition by providing the very best in customer service, personal attention and by delivering creative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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We Provide Expert Free Consultation

Direct contact daily with the operations management team allows for quick and efficient reservation of the staff and equipment requirements for each project for out all-inclusive services.

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Our Follow Through is Impeccable

Our warehouse specialists are experts with years of product and importing/exporting experience, and the continued volume allows us to be efficient, safe and minimize the handling of each piece or project.

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You'll Yield
Your Highest Gains or Profits

You'll find our communication aspects exceptional during any and all service experiences. Our contracting and out-sourcing projects are particularly well managed and provided at remarkably competitive rates.

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